On this page you will find links to various KMAS club and MAAC documents.

These documents are for reference purposes only. If there are any differences between these documents and the official
documents maintained by the Club Secretary and the Webmaster, the latter shall be taken as the correct documents.

All documents are in PDF format. You can find the Adobe Acrobat Reader here

All MAAC Safety Documents can be accessed here and clicking Advisory Group - Safety. The following MAAC documents are mandatory reading for new pilots.

RPAS Documents                                                                                                                                   

      prop  Transport Canada  Part IX - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (pdf)

      prop  Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) (pdf)
      prop  Knowledge Requirements for RPAS Test (link)

       prop  Flying your drone safely and legally (link)

      prop  Drone pilot study resources (link)

       prop Study Guide for Canadian Drone Pilot Basic Operations Exam (YouTube Video)

      prop  RPAS Flight Logbook (pdf) Revised May 15, 2023

      prop  RPAS Maintenance Logbook (pdf)  Revised March 1, 2023

MAAC Documents

               prop  MAAC MSD 06 - General Category R/C Model Aircraft - Revised  Aug 17, 2017

               prop  Nav Canada's Designated Airspace Handbook - Revised Sept 8, 2022 (PDF 6.2mb)

               KMAS Documents

                prop   Flight Training Program - Revised January 23, 2023

              prop   KMAS Club Safety Rules - Revised February 18, 2024

              prop   Goose Lake Site Survey - Revised December 18, 2023

              prop   Goose Lake SOC - Revised January 12, 2024

              prop   Goose Lake Float-Fly Safety Guidelines - Revised December 29, 2023

              prop  Tolko Field Site Survey - Revised October 22, 2023

      prop  Tolko Field Site Operating Certificate - Revised March 7, 2023

               Field Orientation and Safety Checklist  Tolko Airfield Site Rules.pdf - Revised March 28, 2024
               prop  Tolko Field Site Map - Revised February 26, 2023

               prop  Tolko Field Earth Map - Revised February 26, 2023

               prop  Parkview Activity Centre SOC - Revised March 14, 2024

               prop  Constitution and By-Laws - Revised October 24, 2022

               prop  Membership Application Form - Revised April 25, 2023

               Prop  Flight Instructor Training Guide - Revised July 16, 2020

               prop  Flight Instructor Application - Revised June 9, 2021

               prop  e-Transfer Instructions - Revised July 25, 2020

               John DeereLawn Mowing Schedule 2024 - Revised June 8, 2024 - Click here to email Gerry for changes

                 prop  Irrigation System Drawing with sprinkler head locations (pdf) - Revised May 12, 2023

               prop  Setting up a Wireless Buddy Box - Revised July 17, 2020
               prop  Weather Station Manual