▪ Members shall be interested in the operation and/or the advancement of model aviation, expressing interest in the building or assembling of model aircraft, and participating in the flying and maintenance operations at KMAS flying facilities.


▪ All applicants for membership and those accepted into membership shall be bound by the By-Laws of the Society.


▪ All persons requiring flying privileges must be members of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) or the Academy of Model

Aeronautics (AMA).


▪ A membership year shall be the period from November 1st to October 31st.


▪ Persons can apply for membership into the Society through the Membership Coordinator. The joining procedure is sponsorship by two members, approval by the Executive Committee, and reporting the applicant's name to a general meeting.


▪ All new members must receive facility orientation, safety briefing and a check flight by a designated KMAS instructor before solo flight is authorized.


For more information on the rights of members, initiation fee, annual dues and other charges go to: KMAS Constitution and ByLaws


That annual Society dues payable (commencing November 1, 2011) are as follows:


▪ Initiation Fee $100

▪ Dues - Member $100

▪ Dues - Junior Member $50 no initiation fee

▪ Membership Holding Fee $5

▪ Family membership see below

▪ Gate Key Offset $15 (One time only if key returned)

▪ The Initiation Fee is waived for Junior Membership


A Family Rate applies to any immediate family member of an open member as follows:


- 1st family member regular dues plus initiation fee;

- 2nd adult - 50% of regular adult dues;

- each additional junior member at standard junior rate.


KMAS Membership application form click here.

It requires Adobe Reader, if you need to download Adobe click here