Inks Lake Location

By order of Randy Battison President KMAS

Until further notice, KMAS members are not authorized to fly at Inks Lake unless you have
 an Advanced License. Approx 75% of Inks Lake is in controlled airspace
and the Executive is working with MAAC regarding a permit to fly at Inks Lake.

Inks Lake is located a few minutes South of Kamloops just off Lac le Jeune Rd.

To get to the lake, traveling from Kamloops, on the Trans Canada Highway, take the exit #366 and turn left to Copperhead Dr.
Staying West on Copperhead Dr., stay to the right and turn right on Lac le Jeune Rd.

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Travel 8.9 kms from the Copperhead Dr. and Lac le Jeune Rd. intersection, where you will come to a tunnel.


Travel through the tunnel and as soon as you exit, take a right on the gravel road (Inks Lake Rd.)

Inks Lake         Inks Lake

Take the first right, then left and then right again, which will take you down to the lake, parking and prep area.

Inks Lake

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Click here for the KMAS Inks Lake Float-Fly Safety Guidelines

Coordinates -

N 50 degrees 37 minutes 5.17 seconds
120 degrees 26 minutes 45.61 seconds W

Elevation -

854 meters, 2801.84 feet

The airspace is Class “E”, uncontrolled up to 400 feet above ground level according to Nav Canada’s Designated Airspace Handbook https://www.navcanada.ca/en/.